About the Owner

HEY Y'ALL! I am Shurri or Reese, the proud Black woman owner of Brown Girl Steez. I am a Proud Black woman, who loves huge hoop earrings, bright hair, and a glam face as often as possible. This brand was created in honor of every single Brown Baddie that came before me, all the fly nail art, all the colors and designs, and lengths that society emulates but gives no credit to us for! 

Brown Girl Steez is Pro-Black, and certainly Pro-Black WOMAN. We are 100% inclusive, and I do not tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia, or anything that seeks to question, disrespect, or harm someone's identity. Know that YOU are welcome here. Follow us over on Twitter and Instagram for all press-on updates and some chit chat. 

Thank you for choosing Brown Girl Steez. HELLO AND WELCOME TO ALL!