Bright red, long,  tapered square nails. In the background, there are red gift boxes and holiday glitter.
Bright red, long,  tapered square nails on hand holding red patterned gift box.
Hand with bright red, long, tapered square nail, holding a mason jar of glitter and faux flowers. In the background are long brown nails.
The OG Baddie
Brown Girl Steez

The OG Baddie

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Glossy red nails have always been the ultimate sign of Flexin' in my life. From the time I was old enough to be allowed to paint my own nails as a kid, I have been obsessed with red nails. The hairdresser who used to hook my fresh relaxer and curls up for church on Sundays used to wear long, curved red nails with a touch of black or gold lines on them. I was hooked. I was not allowed to wear red, as it was a "grown up color" (I get it Mom I really get it now gurl!) but I definitely remember finding a shade of pink that was close enough, and wearing that bottle DOWN! Whew. I remember painting my Broadway press-on nails and stunting all day til' I got back on the school bus, and then snapping those bad boys off before I walked through my grandmother's door. I was bold, but I was not that bold, amen? I wanted to live honey.

Black women are the architects of this nail game, period. From the way we wear our hair, be it natural, multicolored, braided up, or weaved up, to the way we do our nails, and style our jewelry. We don't often receive credit for all the ways we have shifted, and let's face it, bettered the world of beauty, and it's frustrating. 

That's what Brown Girl Steez is all about, that's what my little 5 year old heart found joy in, and that's what I hope you feel every time you wear a bomb a$$ set of press on nails from me. 


 **The shape in the photos is a stiletto nail I reshaped to square for myself. If you'd like a similar shape and length, try the long coffin, or long square.